Who is Oregon Telephone Corporation?

Oregon Telephone Corporation is the local telephone company for Mt. Vernon, Prairie City, Dayville, Bridgeport, Bates, Hereford, Unity, Ironside, Cow Valley, Harper, Westfall and Juntura. Locally operated, Oregon Telephone Corporation is an independent company that has been providing service since 1914. The corporate office is located in Mt. Vernon at One Telephone Drive and also manages North-State Telephone Co., Pine Telephone Systems, Inc., OTC Connections, Skyline Telecom  and Home Telephone Co.

OTC provides local and long distance telephone with special focus on providing high-speed internet to residential and business customers.

Recently, celebrating 100 years of service the company looks forward to the future, while honoring the past.

With local, friendly faces living in the same rural communities you do, you will likely speak to the same representative time and time again. Oregon Telephone Corporation proudly strives to bring new, exciting, cutting edge communications services and take pride in maintaining a great working relationship with our valued customers.

What makes us Oregon’s premiere independent communications provider?

Continuous investment in superior, more reliable technology and an absolute commitment to personal customer service.

No matter where you are, we have a solution to get you connected, be it local phone service, long distance service, Broadband, DSL or Lifeline support services.

If you are looking for better treatment from your communications service provider, connect with Oregon Telephone Corporation today.

This is Oregon Telephone Corporation:

We believe that our communications services must enrich people’s lives and enhance their relationships.

We believe that every customer is important, and what each person has to say is meaningful.

We are dedicated to improving and building up the local communities we serve, and creating opportunities for people in rural communities.

We believe that our customers deserve the very best technology available, and know there is viable business in the small rural areas often neglected by larger companies.

We are leaders in independent communications, and pioneers in our industry.

We bring big-city technology to small-town folks, and we will not compromise our small-town values.

Values such as:

  • Trust
  • Friendly customer service
  • Affordability
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Community
  • Education