Opt Out Policy

Pine Telephone System, Inc.

Customer Proprietary Network Information Policy Opt Out

Pine Telephone System, Inc. (PT) respects your privacy and observes the privacy rules established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Oregon Public Utility Commission. Under federal law, you have the right to confidentiality of information regarding the telecommunication services to which you subscribe and PT has the duty to protect that confidentiality. This confidential information includes such things as, specific services you purchase, the number of services purchased, who your provider is for a service, call detail records, and charges related to services purchased. This information is referred to as Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

PT will never sell your account or provide details of your telephone calls to other parties, unless required by law enforcement.

PT is authorized by the FCC to market, without approval, services to our subscribers within the categories of service that are provided to those customers. Specifically, those services are local and long distance. From time to time we may market additional features within the services already subscribed to from us and our affiliates.

From time to time we may notify you of additional products and services from outside the existing business relationship we have with you. PT is permitted to market to our customers, service offerings that do not rely upon Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) (i.e. mass mailings). However, when this marketing is based on CPNI, you have the right to be excluded from these marketing campaigns.

If you choose to accept CPNI based marketing information, you need to do nothing. However, if you prefer to be excluded from these marketing efforts, please print, complete, sign, and return this form. Once your wishes are on file, we will exclude you from any targeted marketing.

Your service from PT will not be affected by this decision.

If you wish to no longer receive PT’s marketing of products and services outside of your existing scope of services, complete and return this form.

I have read this notice and prefer to opt-out of Pine Telephone System Inc.’s marketing of products and services outside of my existing scope of services.

This decision is effective 33 days following the date of this correspondence from Pine Telephone System, Inc. (30 days from the third day following this mailing) and remains in effect until changed by me.

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