Long Distance Carriers


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Pine Telephone Long Distance Carriers

 Please contact the carriers of your choice to see what rates they offer as well as discuss which calling plan will work best for your long distance calling patterns.

 CENTURYLINK  1-800-860-2255       

 MCI  1-800-444-2222

 AT&T  1-800-222-0300

 OTC CONNECTIONS  1-800-848-7969

 EXCEL  1-800-875-9235

 WORKING ASSETS A.K.A CREDO  1-800-788-0898

 ONE TOUCH LONG DISTANCE  1-888-848-6824


Please expect a $5.50 carrier change processing fee, each time you switch your carrier.  

Remember to let Pine Telephone know who you wish to switch to, by calling 541-742-2201 or 844-287-2662